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Stuck In A Maze Review: "With this, their 4th full-length, The Radiation Flowers have once again proved that they are still one of the most exciting and relevant bands on the Canadian prairies, making their most mature album to date and signalling that they have reached full maturity."
Cups N Cakes

Sled Island Review: "Reminiscent of the ‘80s alt-rock phenoms like My Bloody Valentine...the Radiation Flowers’ cyclical, prairie-tinged prog rock approximated the sweet hum of sticking one’s head in a hornet’s nest without the lumpy consequences."

Sled Island Review: "If you’re looking for psych rock aimed at moving hips as well as bending minds, The Radiation Flowers should be on your radar."
Brooklyn Vegan

"Best of 2017: Ominocity's Favourite Sask Albums of the Year"

"As the album ends it leaves you breathless and all you can do is play it again. Outstanding! - Psych Lovers’ Top Ten Miscellaneous Releases 2017"
Psych Insight Music

"The gloriously lysergic ‘Never Fade’ leads us out in all its majestic glory, making its case for Radiation Flowers to be one of the most exciting bands around at the moment."
Echoes and Dust

"Every track is taken to dreamy territory by the gorgeously ethereal vocals of Shelby."
Dayz of Purple and Orange

"An amazing lazy-dayz game of catch with a neutron star."
Sic Magazine

"Simultaneously deceptively light and deceptively heavy."
Psych Insight Music

"Spacious psychedelically charged shoegaze permeated at times by edgier, fuzzier moments of sonic contemplation accompanied by floating vocalisations that hark back to that early 4AD sound."
Primal Music Blog

"The vocal is simply melting, soulful and with a melody that is just crushing. Just terrific."
Psych Insight Music

"Two different bands with a shared vibe have come together to release something perfect for those rare British sunny afternoon and if you are feeling blue then I would heartily recommend this sonic medicine."
Midlands Metalheads

"A Band You Should Know - gorgeous, spacious music arriving like uninterpreted dreams, intimate and immediate."
No Recess Magazine

"Radiation Exposure"
Our Basement Blog

"Best of 2015" list
When The Sun Hits

"Mixing up a gauzy slice of rock 'n roll that tips its hat to the old and new inspirations. Highly recommended!"
The Active Listener

"Take the slow-burn swirl of 'Something to Hide' where the guitar seems to bounce around inside your skull while lead singer Shelby Gaudet entices you like a siren."
Ride The Tempo - 5 on the Fly

"Darkly melodic earworms that demand repeat plays."
Shindig! Magazine (Print Only)

"It’s chock full of dense guitar lines and dulcet vocals, all drenched in beautiful reverb. It’s dark, smoky, and cinematic."
Planet S Magazine

"'Peace of Mind' moves at a snail’s pace, but once its potent magic seeps into your bones you’ll be hooked like a drug."
Ride The Tempo

"Premiere - Dark Night Video"

"A perfect equilibrium between darkness and light."
Independent Music News

"Blowing your/ our mind"
RTHM Brixham Music

"Melancholic, shoegaze-inflected neo-psychedelic territory."
When The Sun Hits

"Listen The Radiation Flowers – Run"
Ride the Tempo

"'Gleaming and beaming' genre elements of dream pop, shoegaze, garage/grunge rock, indie rock and a dynamic grounding foundation of psychedelic rock decor."

"Premiere - The Radiation Flowers (album stream)
Opener "Sunfire Drug Haus" sets the mood with its droning, near-eight-minute psych-rock sprawl. Its quasi-Eastern flourishes and hypnotic vocal incantations set a mystical mood, and the rest of the album is similarly psychedelic.‏"

"Out Of The Blue‏"
Planet S

"Podcast - Double Foxify It with The Radiation Flowers‏"
Weirdo Magnets

"CFCR premieres brand new song by The Radiation Flowers! ‏"

"Radiation Flowers are about to drop a full-length, self-titled album - rumbly garage rock riffs abounds amidst some along with unwashed fuzz noise freakouts.‏"

"Straight Up and Down with The Radiation Flowers (Powder Blue)‏"
The Blog that Celebrates Itself

"Listen The Radiation Flowers - Feel It‏"
Ride the Tempo

"Trance inducing vocals over a bed of rolling tom-toms‏"
The Active Listener

"Best Songs of the Year 2014 - Feel It by Powder Blue‏"

"Wonderfully engrossing‏"
Clash Music

"Slow burning psych rock, coming to you from Saskatoon.‏"
Sound Vat

"Powder Blue share new video for 'Feel It'."
Northern Transmissions

"Powder Blue share new video + playing London shows this month.‏"
Circuit Sweet

"As they arrive in Europe for a string of live dates, Canada's Powder Blue are pleased to share the video for 'Feel It'.‏"
With Guitars

"Feel It video stream.‏"
Los Angeles Loves You

"Die kanadische Band Powder Blue zeigt, dass dieses Genre nach wie vor springlebendig ist. Die neue Single «Feel it» klingt fast schon wie ein klassischer Track von Acts wie Airiel oder Highspire.‏"
Coast Is Clear

"They've announced details of a European tour in December.‏"
Deviate Magazine

"The band's sound reminds me quite a bit more of The Verve’s self-titled EP — in other words it’s a dreamily, ethereal and improvised, downtempo sort of shoegazer rock. At times, it feels as though the song could easily float into the ether. ‏"
Joy of Violent Movement

"Indie rock unit Powder Blue has released three tracks of their upcoming album II‏"
In Your Speakers

"We had to feature 'Feel It' in this weeks NMS, as it's just spectacular. A combination of so many elements of what can only be desrcibed as genius the track impresses from start to finish.‏"
Subba Cultcha

"A nice little psych trip by Canadian group, Powder Blue.‏"
The Vinyl Warhol

"Since discovering the band earlier this year we featured the fabulous track 'Dream in Black', and then bought the EP because we liked it so much.‏"
Aimless Skylarking

Niche Music

"'Feel it' - instantly makes me fall in love all over again, another simmering psyche rock epic with a slow-burn maze of swirling guitars hypnotising around beautiful, hazy vocals and big, punishing beats.‏"
Just Music That I Like

"This lovely blend of dark shoegaze, grunge and ethereal harmonies might bring to mind Azure Ray, Is/Is, or Psychic Love‏"
The Choir Croaks

"Powder Blue - Announce new EP II – due December‏"
With Guitars

"Feel It stream‏"

"Canada's Powder Blue share new track from forthcoming EP + new UK dates.‏"
Circuit Sweet

"Ein Stück mit eindringlicher Atmosphäre, das gewohnt distanzierten Gesang bietet, der hinter wabernden, verzerrten Gitarren verschwindet."
White Tapes

"The 6-track EP, II, is a haunting score of hazy keys, lush reverbed guitars and warm harmonies that echoes the likes of Besnard Lakes, Frankie Rose and The Stone Roses."
Northern Transmissions

"Hard to believe this band is still unsigned."
Don't Need No Melody

"Woven through with tendrils of guitar reverb and hypnotic drums, "Feel It" culminates in a blaze of warm vocal harmony that dissolves to make room for the tune’s final ascent into looming distortion."
The Line of Best Fit

"One of the crown jewels of the Paris of the Prairie’s burgeoning scene is Powder Blue."

"In the hands of this Saskatoon four piece this cornerstone of darkly weaved spell crafting is seductively swirled in mind expanding mosaics and left to trip out to the smoked out and sultry blossoming of Asiatic brass fanfares – between all that a hazy stoned out psych carnival is afoot weaving its potent mysticism. Loved in a word. "
the sunday experience

"Combining drone-based guitar grime and woozy keyboards with large, looming harmonies, the track completely reinterprets the lean, matter-of-fact atmosphere that characterized the Stones’ acoustic arrangement. This wholly arresting arctic blast of a cover treatment whets our appetites for future material from Powder Blue."
The Line of Best Fit

"If you like shoegaze as much as I do then you will love Powder Blue."

"With brooding chords and echoing vocals, their edition is both menacing and refreshing which does great justice to the original track. Powder Blue are continuing to impress and are merging into their own genre. There’s more in the pipeline from the ladies who continue to exceed expectations."

"This is the kind of slow-burn, subtle psych that my head needs right now, and the female crown lends this that little bit more melancholy laced with menace. I need to hear more from these girls for sure! "
Sonic Masala

"There are very few things in this music world cooler than an all-girl group whose music can put you in a heavy trance. What’s even cooler is how this quartet from Canada, Powder Blue, can do just that while reworking The Rolling Stones 60s classic 'Play With Fire.' What was once a simple acoustic guitar/tambourine-driven song off of Out of Our Heads is now re-imagined as a shoegaze jam with hauntingly beautiful harmonies, savage percussion and hazy guitars."
All Things Go

"A nausea inducing mushroom trip through 60's psychedelia with a stretched cassette tape quality that's both unsettling and exhilarating. Dark keys, lush reverbed guitars and warm harmonies - step through the looking glass and immerse yourself in a hypnotic whirlpool of fuzz pedals and hashish. "

"The muted and dreamy harmonies really sells this song to me, it's undeniable. Then there is the shoegaze elements mixed with a retro sound, making it sound as if the song drifted out of a late 60's California hippie commune. "
Aimless Skylarking

The Great Escape 2014 Review
"The Canadian quartet bring a rich blend of simmering psyche rock and big, punishing beats to the table, it's a combination I can't help but adore and I instantly fall in love with the swirling guitars of "Go On Forever" and the darker mood of finale "Run". It's played to a packed house and I'm not the only one impressed."
Just Music That I Like

The Great Escape 2014 Review
"The Saskatoon four-piece were terrific, fusing some extremely clever drumming and nicely Spartan bass with some reverberating guitars and throbbing keyboards to create a pleasingly edgy rock sound with no end of pulling power."
Isolation Records

The Great Escape 2014 Review
"My top discovery of this year: Powder Blue, from Saskatoon. It's a tight, drony, layered sound, shorn of any luxuriation in melodic soloing. I found myself mesmerised by Amber Kraft's drumming - an object lesson in precision, attack and sheer brutality. She put me in mind of Free's Simon Kirke in his pomp, both for the sound and the way she disappeared behind a curtain of hair, absorbed in pulverising the kit."
Eden on the Line

The Great Escape 2014 Review
"'Dream In Black' is resplendent in drone, tumbling rhythms and flowery guitar lines, topped off with stunning Revolver-era The Beatles harmonies. Their first release in the UK, “Run”, has an unreal live crunch, with audience members throwing around audible praise at the close."
The Line of Best Fit

Great Escape Interview: Powder Blue
"As The Great Escape Festival kicks off today in Brighton promising plenty of great gigging moments (along with all that delegatey workshop schmoozing), we spoke to Great Escape newbies Powder Blue."
Culture and Anarchy

The Great Escape - Saturday Preview
"'Run' is intense, buss saw guitars and throbbing bass colliding the eerily sweet vocal harmonies and "Dream in Black" sounds like an haunted, creatures of the night version of Warpaint. That sort of introduction is surely enough to have you queuing outside the venue before they start (behind me of course)."
Just Music That I Like

"We’re sure it won’t be too long before they are a huge hit over here! With their progressive rock sound and dreamy compositions of guitars and haunting harmonies, you can’t help but get lost in their sound."

"Highlight - Powder Blue"

"With their shoegaze / psychedelic rock vibe, listen to 'Run', the latest track from the quartet. The track is awesome."
Hearty Vibes

"Together they make a blend of hazy psych rock, fuzzy shoegaze and krautrock, where Shelby’s voice is a sublime and harmonious add to the mix. The atmosphere created is truly impressive."
Music and Riots Magazine

"With their psychedelic rock shoegaze music they had the audience enthralled and with their rich hypnotic vocals and droning fuzzy guitars lulling you into a trance. The band were on brilliant form at Wakefield’s Hop in front of an enthusiastic crowd."
Backseat Mafia

"Powder Blue are now in the UK armed with a batch of new songs."
Little Indie Blogs

"Powder Blue aren’t your typical girl-band. They play an unrelenting, raw and dark mix of rock, drone and shoegaze. Their new single ‘Run’ is rightly this week’s First Signs Of Love featured track. We love the urgency and power of the drums set against the chilled, shoegazey almost laconic vocals. The track swells like a heavy storm, before wailing guitars lead you safely back into the light. Hypnotic stuff."
Right Chord Music

"Just in case you needed another reason to go to The Great Escape festival this year, I’ve found you one. Powder Blue are an all-girl Canadian quartet, delivering hazy psychey shoegazey lovely-ness to your little earholes."
Stanley Likes

"Tribal drums and ohms and ohms of drones; Powder Blue sound like the fuzzy white noise of an old VHS until a tender guitar lead whisks us off in another direction at the midway point. From there onwards the only way is up, as ‘Run’ soars to a colossal, percussion-filled finale of crashing cymbals and mourning organs."
Three Beams

"Built around a tumultuous fog of guitars, Run takes its props from contemporaries such as The Besnard Lakes and Crocodiles and spins its own web of spirited and gloomy indie rock."
British Music Boom

"A psych-tinged blues indie trip from Canadian outfit Powder Blue."
Middle Boop Mag

"A pulsating, hypnotic quality."
Tuna the Day

"Manche Dinge kann man gar nicht oft genug wiederholen und manchmal sind alte Dinge im neuen Gewand hübscher, als das Original je war. Die vier Musikerinnen von Powder Blue wagten sich jüngst an ein sehr gelungenes Cover."

"Seit der Veröffentlichung von 'Dream In Black' im Januar 2013 hat das kanadische Quartett Powder Blue enorm an Bekanntheit gewonnen."

"The perfect blend of epic, psychedelic tones and haunting harmonies."
Tmrw Magazine

"Fiery bite and controlled aggression to the circling rhythms and swirling synth melody, building and building the eerie atmospheric textures that blend perfectly with hazy vocal harmonies to a searing climax of feedback and noise. Exceptional is this."
Just Music That I Like

"Suitably epic in scope and fiery in its delivery, Run is the quite brilliant new track from menacing Canadian quartet Powder Blue. Simply put; we’re hooked."

"Von Saskatoon aus haben sie ihre einzigartige Kombination von kühlem Psychedelic Rock mit Shoegaze Grunge in die Welt geschickt."

"An epic kinda tribal, celtic feeling, brooding prog-rock, psyche vibe with primal drums, frenzied organ, great vocals and dirty fuzzy guitars."
Backseat Mafia

"The track's fuzzy and repetitive riff provides the perfect backbone to support the murky and eerie veil of their vocals - add to that the brutally hard percussion and you've got a sure-fire winner."
One For The People

"A perfect storm of psychedelic rock, shoegaze and drone. Warm, hazy harmonies slightly thaw the icy edges of the quartet’s blend of urgent drums and sprawling reverb, but the larger-than-life, looming keyboards will still make you draw your coat a little tighter against the chill."
The Line of Best Fit

"Düsteren Indie-Rock mit einem Nebel aus Gitarren, schwebendem Gesang und bedrohlich wirkenden Soundwänden, irgendwo in der Nähe von Esben and the Witch, The Besnard Lakes und auch Crocodiles."
White Tapes

"Their well-received, haunting yet psychedelic EP 'Dream In Black' landed hard last year and the band are now getting ready to come to our shores for a string of showcase dates."
Never Enough Notes

"The mood remains hazy and hypnotic throughout, a sweet and mysterious beauty that takes you on a blissed-out ethereal journey you don't really want to leave."
Just Music That I Like

"We can't wait for more of this hazy, drippy noise that's going to have My Bloody Valentine quiver with confusion."
Never Enough Notes

"If you want to describe Canadian psych-rock quartet Powder Blue in a single word, the first choice would be 'sublime'."
7Bit Arcade

"Powder Blue are crossing the pond and playing around the UK in May."
With Guitars

"Weaving twisted, droning psychedelic dirges with guitars, delightfully doused in fuzz and distortion, a throbbing underbelly of simplistically destructive drum and bass drives the music like an icepick into your brain with just enough catchy pop riffage to prevent them from getting too slow or repetitive, these gals don’t mess around, Powder Blue, seemingly without effort, keeps up with Canada’s biggest live psych powerhouses."
It's Psychedelic Baby

"Saskatoon’s Powder Blue are creating quite the buzz around themselves; a heavy, fuzzed out, droning buzz."
Stylus Magazine

"On the footsteps of forebears My Bloody Valentine, they weaves tapestries of reverb-laden vocals, guitar swirls, heaving rhythm sections and ghostly key swells."
Weird Canada

"Powder Blue commands the ability to lay out heavy grooves while at the same time building an ethereal aural experience."
Stylus Magazine

"Dream in Black is moody, hazy and deeply psychedelic. And way cooler than it has any right to be. More please. Now."
The Active Listener

"They have an EP about to hit the streets, and here’s betting they just keep blowing up big from there."
Planet S

"Powder Blue hold it down for the Saskatoon music scene."
The Sheaf

"The group, comprised of members of We Were Lovers, Foggy Notions and Ultimate Power Duo, are a dreamy, washed-out psych rock haze that plods along with plenty of warm harmonies. Kind of a no-brainer methinks."

"On Saturday night, I'm excited about the debut of a new, Saskatoon psych rock super-group called Powder Blue."
The Star Phoenix

"We’ve been having trouble getting the song, entitled "I Can Go On Forever," out of our collective heads."

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